How to Start a Goldfish Tank


In order for you to easily preserve and manage your goldfish tank, you must make sure that you setup the tank correctly. Goldfish, which falls under species known as the Carassius auratus, is quite a common pet to be found in any household today. Although there are varieties of goldfish that you can find in the world, the goldfish family still belongs to the species mentioned above. Therefore, all related matter regarding a goldfish is always similar whether you are talking about its behavior, how to take care of them as well as their habits. You should take note that the goldfish is not a tropical fish and it does not require the usage of a heated tank.

To start a goldfish tank, you need:

  • A tank with lid that comes with a light
  • A tank stand
  • Air pump
  • Air stone
  • A heater
  • Floating or stick on thermometer
  • Filteration system
  • Extra tubing
  • Substratae like 1/8 inch (3 mm) gravel made for aquariums
  • Real freshwater plants (optional)
  • Plastic plants (optional)
  • Aquarium background (optional)
  • Rocks or decorations specifically made for aquarium (optional)
  • Chemicals for making your water healthy
  • Water test kit

Starting a Goldfish Tank

How to Start a Goldfish Tank

  • First thing that you need to do is to choose your goldfish tank and also its equipments
    • Determine the size of your goldfish tank. An ideal size of a goldfish tank that could handle 55 gallons of water.
    • Remember that the size of the tank and all of the equipments that you want to use will also determine the size of the stand that you will be using to hold up the tank.
    • Always take into account the weight of your tank, all of its equipments, how many fish that you want to fill inside the tank, rocks, gravel, and also ornament that you will be using.

It is recommended that you use a big tank for your goldfish because it is easier to maintain the balance of chemical that you would be using rather than a small tank.

  • The next step is for you to place a layer of polystyrene, rubber or other impact absorbing material in between your tank and the stand
    • By doing this, you are creating a buffer at the bottom of the tank in order to reduce pressure points. If you did not take this measure, the tank will not handle the pressure points that make the tanks vulnerable to cracks.
  • Make sure to clean your tank thoroughly and also other equipments that you will be using before you place it inside the tank.
    • If there is any left over contaminants that end up and dissolve in your water tank can make your fish die.

Make sure that you tank is not placed far from direct sunlight because it will increase the growth of algae in your goldfish tank. The tank should also be placed far away from drafts and your room heaters because they can create adverse change in temperature.

  • The lighting and filtration for your tank need to be suitable with the size of the tank and also able to cater the quantity of the fish that you want to fill into the tank.
    • Ensure that you provide adequate lights to the tank in order to reduce algae problems in future.
  • Apart from that, you also need to have a water test kit so that you can maintain the correct balance of water inside the tank.
    • The most important thing to check is the pH level and nitrates that you need to check once a week.
  • After you have finished placing all the gravel and installing all the equipments for your goldfish tank
    • You can start to fill water into the tank.
    • Then, make sure that you do some testing on its chemical stability.
    • For any first time setting up of a goldfish tank, you can add the full amount of water into the tank.
    • If your tap water contains lot of chlorine, always add some chlorine neutralizer into the water.
    • All equipments you are using in the tank should be tested to ensure that they are working fine.
    • In order to stabilize the water inside the tank, you should run the filter at least 48 hours.
  • Once you have finished doing the above mentioned steps
    • You can proceed to release the goldfish into the tank.
    • You should try to release at least two fishes to see how your new tank works and functions.
    • The two fishes will produce waste that should be removed from the system and your tank should also be able to handle the task accordingly to provide a healthy environment for your fish.
    • You also need to monitor the condition of the test fishes.
    • If the need arises, make some adjustments to your water chemistry before you start to add the rest of your goldfish collections.

    Always remember that if you want to start a goldfish tank,

    • Make sure that the stand for holding your tank is strong enough to handle all the weights including the water.
    • One gallon of water, which is equivalent to 4.5 liters weighs approximately 10lbs (at least 4.5kgs)
    • You can seek advice from your local pet store on which type of equipment suitable for your goldfish tank.
    • Besides that, you can also add some aquatic plants into the tank in order to maintain a healthy balance of your water.

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