How to Stop a Smoke Alarm from Chirping

Smoke alarm systems are something that can be essential for every home no matter the size or specific circumstances. When any smoke or fire is detected within the home, this alarm system will alert the house residents with a loud beeping sound. These days, there are many types of smoke detectors with each available with its own specifications. When it comes to the home security item, cost shouldn’t be the problem as purchasing a smoke alarm at a really cheap price will cause the device to malfunction at a later stage. Smoke alarms help to save people’s lives as they will have more time to get out from a building on fire.

Installing a smoke alarm is another simple and cheaper way when it comes to protecting your family and home. Regular maintenance for fire alarms is important for optimum performance. Fire alarms must be installed correctly and frequently inspected; tested and maintained to make sure they operate properly.

A smoke alarm will chirp to let you know that the battery is low. However, sometimes even if you have replaced the battery, the unit will continuously make chirping sounds, which shows that something might have been amiss. You will need time to solve the problem but if you don’t need to ask help for a professional, here are the steps;

To Stop a Smoke Alarm from Chirping, you will need:

  • New battery
  • Vacuum with crevice tool attachment

How to Stop a Smoke Alarm from Chirping

  • First, remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling or from the wall. Use a vacuum with a crevice tool attachment to clean the dust and dirt.
    • It is important to check the open area between the front cover and the back plate as these places usually locate the sensor.
  • Then, remove the old battery. Press and hold the smoke alarm’s test button for 15 seconds to reset it. During this time, the alarm might chirp. Wait and proceed to the next step when the chirping sound stops.
  • Next, install a new battery. Make sure that it is installed securely and correctly snapped into position before putting the smoke alarm back on the wall or ceiling.
  • Check to see if the chirping sound occurs when there is something else on the electrical circuit is switched on. It will only occur when the smoke detector is plugged into an outlet. Turn off the breaker to the unit to reset your hardwired unit. Remove the battery from the alarm and then press the reset button for 15 seconds. It will chirp and be eventually silent after that. Turn the breaker back on place and securely replace the battery.
  • If the chirping sound continues, install a new smoke alarm as it might need to be replaced. For replacement instructions, you can refer to the product’s user manual.
  • Another situation that can affect on your smoke alarm to chirp is power surges. If the power company switches the electrical grids to meet power demands, your smoke alarm will be likely to chirp around the same time each day.

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