How to Stop Bumblebees from Boring

There are many names that can be used to call the type of insects that eat up your wood or furniture. Among the many names that are commonly used for are carpenter bees and bumblebees. These are big and colorful bees that might not look harmful at all. It can be quite irritating sometime when unwanted insects or animals, in general, make our life a living hell. Though this is called ‘nature’ by many, these people have never felt or been in a situation like this, which is why they think it’s God’s gift to us. It depends on which way they see it. If we have been working hard and struggling to make ends meet then definitely to have uninvited guests come and chew away our furniture; it’s more or less like chewing away our money.

When these things happen, these animals destroy the way we are living. More or less, they are destroying our life’s cycle. Take for example, woodpeckers. The bumblebee is often seen combing flowers to produce pollen. This will help create honey, but not the kind that people can eat; the total opposite of that idea. The edible honey comes from bumblebee’s relative that is the honey bee. Bumblebee could bore in people’s furniture and wood homes. Although, it is not as common as for the bumblebees to bore into wood, they can find homes outside of trees and shrubs or wood crevasses.

The biggest culprit will be the carpenter bee that is known for its black color compared to the bumble bees, which are yellow and black. Both bees can be exterminated and deterred with the same procedure. Here are the steps on how to stop bumblebees from boring.

To stop bumblebees from boring, you will need:

  • Exterior caulk
  • Wood stain
  • Insecticide
  • Wood plug
  • Exterior-grade paint

How to Stop Bumblebees from Boring

  • First, spray the insecticide in and around the holes that were bored by the bumblebees. Make sure to read the insecticide’s label that proves to kill bumblebees. Avoid spraying this to yourself as insecticide is known to be also toxic to humans.
  • Then, fill the holes with exterior caulk or a wood plug. This step will prevent the bees from coming back to the scene of their last boring.
  • Next, paint the area with exterior-grade paint. You should also paint the unfinished wood that might attract more bees. Make the paint layers or wood finish thick to deter the bees. Bumblebees prefer unfinished over finished wood, so you could also use a wood stain can stop the bees from damaging your property.
  • If you prefer to use the natural way to deter the bumblebees, desiccant dusts can be used as it is less harmful to the environment.

What might be harmless in the eyes of many, could hurt us in many ways. Bumblebees can be taken care of delicately without causing any harm to them or to the wood.

Image Credit:
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