How to Tell How Old a Franciscan Teapot Is


In order to know more about Franciscan pottery, you need to do some research and reading of books related to Franciscan ware. This type of pottery has a long American history that might even be more than 60 years. Its history also extends into the manufacturing which also has been done either in England and China. If you have done your research, you would be able to know that the pottery made in California is the oldest and most desirable Franciscan teapot. Therefore, you will have to lots of research, investigating and reading in order for you to know how old pieces like the Franciscan teapot is that has a very long history in the pottery industry especially in the American history.

To tell how old a Franciscan Teapot, you need to know:

  • Book on Franciscan ware

Knowing the Age of an Old Franciscan Teapot

How to Tell How Old a Franciscan Teapot Is

  • The first thing that you need to do is to research the pattern of the Franciscan ware represented on your teapot.
    • Based on the pattern, you would be able to know and also having some ideas on the date and age of your Franciscan teapot.
    • Once you have identified the pattern, you will then look for the many resources available to look for more information on the pottery.
    • Even though you will not be able to know the exact date of the teapot due to the patterns of certain Franciscan pottery were created for 10 years or even more than that.
    • Most of the Franciscan ware available in the market like the Apple and Desert Rose patterns is still going strong in their production which has been in the market since 1940s.
  • You could also do some research related to the origins of your Franciscan teapot.
    • If the Franciscan ware was a gift or might be used by someone that you know, you can do your research by finding out from its original owner about the date of purchased for the pottery.
    • You can also look for a book related to Franciscan ware such as the “Franciscan Hand-Decorated Embossed Dinnerware” by James F. Elliot-Bishop or even the “Franciscan — An American Dinnerware Tradition” written by Bob Page and Dale Frederiksen.

There are many different types of Franciscan ware pottery that normally shows you its illustration of various different patterns together with its markings that can help you know the date of your Franciscan teapot.

  • Try to search for the stamp located on the bottom of your teapot in order to know where the tea pot was manufactured
    • The stamp will assist you in tracing the date for the patterns that you are looking for such as Apple and Desert Rose.
    • The Franciscan teapot made in California is the oldest among the other pottery. In 1984, the California plant was closed.

The California Franciscan teapot is regards as the older being produced. If it was made in England, it is newer teapot while the one made in China, it is considered as a recently made pottery pieces for your Franciscan teapot gangs.

Always remember that the technique of how to know the old of a Franciscan Teapot is

  • For you to always look for the stamp that is normally designed at the bottom of the teapot.

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