How to Use Grass Clippings as Garden Mulch

For some people, recycling grass clippings for many types of garden care has become a necessity. Grass clippings can be used as natural fertilizer when left on the lawn or added to a compost pile. Most of municipalities began to refuse bagged grass clippings at landfills to avoid lack of space and many various options of recycling. Homeowners could also collect the clippings in paper bags and use the grass as mulch for their gardens. Here are the steps on how to convert your grass clippings as garden mulch.

You will need:

  1. Grass Clippings
  2. Dry Leaves Or Compost

Garden Mulch


  1. First, place about a ¼ inch layer of grass clippings around the plants in your garden. Separate the clippings gently with your fingers as it’s applied to avoid the grass from matting.
  2. The problem with matted grass is that it will prevent the water from reaching the soil underneath. Wait for about two to three weeks.
  3. Use a rake or your gloved hands to loosen up any grass that may have become matted in that time. If needed, you could also add another ¼ inch layer of grass clippings.
  4. Next, continue to add more grass clippings as needed for very two to three weeks until the mulch reaches to a depth of up to 1 inch. With each application, loosen up any matted grass.
  5. Mix in dry leaves or compost until the mulch contains the same amount of the thickening material and the grass clippings to thicken up the composition of the mulch. Every couple of weeks, continue to add the thickened mulch at rate of not more than ¼ inch up to total of 1inch height.
  6. You should avoid using any materials that have been treated with herbicide such as fertilizer, compost or mulch.

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