How to Use Multiple Paint Colors in the Kitchen and Great Room


The kitchen and the great room would normally stand next to each other in most of our homes. The decorating style for both rooms can even influence each of the room. The color paint of your choice will definitely create its character for both of these rooms, but you will always encounter problem whenever you are trying to apply multiple paint colors into these adjoining rooms. In order to resolve this issue, you need to choose a good combination of color scheme that can blends in nicely for both of the rooms. However, you should ensure that the color combinations that would like to apply need to be slightly different for each of the room enabling each room the ability to stand out on its own.

To use multiple paint colors in the kitchen and great room, you need:

  • Choosing the right combination of color scheme
  • Apply one color primary color and another as the accent color
  • Kitchen accent pieces or accessories

Using Multiple Paint Colors in the Kitchen and Great Room

How to Use Multiple Paint Colors in the Kitchen and Great Room

  • First thing that you need to do is to figure out which color scheme you need to choose for the room.
    • One way that can help you is by visiting your local paint shop and make sure to browse through their paint chips side by side.
    • As you go through the paint chips you would be able to notice which combinations of color scheme that you like.
    • You can also ask questions to you or your family members whether you like combination of analogous colors such as blues and purples or even to use some contrasting colors together like yellow and red.

You should at least choose three color scheme of your preferred choice and try to imagine the outcome of the color in both your kitchen and great room.

  • Once you have chosen the color, you must have one color to be the primary color that you will feature in your kitchen room while another color you can highlight your great room.
    • For instance, if you select colors such as brown, cream and blue. The brown color should be used for your kitchen; the cream is for your great room while the blue color is suitable as the accent color for both rooms.
    • You should be using all the colors that you have selected in each of the room but the most important thing to do in the first place is to get the proportions for each color combined well together.
  • The kitchen must be painted with its primary color and this color needs to be added to the main walls of your kitchen.
    • If you decide to paint your cupboards, you should paint them also with the main color that you have chosen for your great room.
    • Make sure that you paint the trim surrounding the windows, baseboards and around the door jambs using your accent color.
    • Another option that you can do is to choose kitchen accent pieces or accessories like artwork, canister sets and towels as your accent color.
  • The walls of your great room must be covered with primary color of your choice.
    • You need to also paint the window sections as well as adding stenciling to your walls and furniture by using the main color that have been using in the kitchen room.
    • You can also use accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs or even ceramic plate of your collection that can features as the accent color not only for your great room but also for the kitchen.

Before you can apply any color paint for your kitchen, remember to always consider your cabinet composition and color, your kitchen flooring, the counter spaces, back-splashes and also the appliances. Your color should be harmonized because color has a great impact on regular the kitchen area will be used.

Always remember that whenever you want to use multiple paint colors in your kitchen and great room make sure to use the right combination of color scheme that you like.

  • Besides that, you can also choose the decorating style in the first place before starting to choose the right paint.
  • You will find that several decorating style and motifs like the Tuscan, Southwestern or Japanese always feature color scheme where people normally associated it with them. Therefore, once you have decide on right type of decorating style you will automatically know what type of color that you need to use for your kitchen and your great room.

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