Ideas for Adding Separation in an Open Floor Studio Apartment


When we talk about studio apartment, you will generally find a standard feature of a very basic floor plan, which includes a living area for you to sleep, bathroom and also a kitchen area. You will normally find the entire rooms compact into one small room thus leaving only a little space for you to create a separation for each of the rooms. In order to create separation in an open floor studio apartment, you can make use of several techniques either actual as well as visual separations within the small studio apartment. The techniques which are most commonly used include the usage of rugs, screen dividers and also playing with color choices.

To add separation in your open floor studio apartment, you need:

  • Floor rugs
  • Screen dividers
  • Paint and/or fabric in differing colors.
  • Ceiling curtains
  • Open-back bookcases

Adding Separation in your Open Floor Studio Apartment

Ideas for Adding Separation in an Open Floor Studio Apartment

  • First thing that you can do is to create visual separation by using area rugs.
    • The area rugs should be placed under your sofa or even futon.
    • By creating separation using area rugs, you would be able to produce visual idea of a comfortable living room.
    • You can also place a different colored rug in your kitchen area as well as beneath your dining table in order to further create a nice visual separation.
  • Another technique that you can use is to place a room screen in between your kitchen and the living areas.
    • An actual division can be produce by using a shoji screen or a fabric screen.
    • Having a screen divider will help you feel much more comfortable when you want to sleep in the living room of your small studio apartment. The screen will provide as a barrier in order to create privacy even if you are the person living in the studio apartment.
  • You can also do separation to your small studio apartment by using specific color theme for each of the rooms inside the studio.
    • For instance, you can simply make use of the green color for your kitchen, blue color for your living or sleeping area and also ivory color for your bathroom.
    • You can paint the walls or even accomplish it by using draperies, furniture colors as well as using towels and throw pillows.
    • No matter what type of color that you want to use, each of the area should have its own color group in order to further enhance the visual separation.

    If you are renting the studio apartment, make sure that you have permission from your landlord to change the painting of the walls.

  • You can also hang a ceiling curtains in order to separate or block off an area within a studio apartment
    • Ceiling curtains are designed with a rod that can be attached to the ceiling.
    • Whenever you feel appropriate, you can simply open and close your curtain separator. Ceiling curtain is much easier for you to move it around rather than using a screen divider. It also provides you with a higher level of privacy when you want to relax or even having a nice nap.
  • Besides that, you can also place two open-back bookcases end to end when you feel like partitioning off an area within your studio apartment.
    • Make sure that you place one of your bookcases end next to the wall while the other one need to be place end to end or even place it at a slight angle.
    • The open backs allow the light coming from the sun to be filtered through.

    Always remember that whenever you want to add a separation in your open floor studio apartment,

    • You can dress up your plywood partitions by using contact paper, stickers as well as fabric with suitable color.
    • Always remember not to violate the terms that you have agreed with your landlord according to your lease before you proceed installing any track on your ceiling or even changing the paint color of your walls.
    • A modular partition or even two partitions that you can assemble and place it as a separator for each of the rooms.

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