Ideas for Christmas Holiday Window Display

There are many ways and ideas that one can use to decorate our home for Christmas. Basically, when decorating we try to save in the cost of things that we need.When Christmas time gets near, we wonder what more can we do to decorate our home. What more can we do to welcome this festive season into our home. On every Christmas season, we would be able to see the holiday atmosphere being decorated especially on windows, whether you see it in houses as well as shops and shopping centers.

Creative Christmas holiday window display will definitely capture attention and draw in customers plus it is also a great advertising tool to be used as gift ideas. We all like to do something nice for Christmas. This festive day comes only once a year and most of us do the best we can to make the most special day of the year. You can also create your own window display using your own creativity in order to make your house windows stand out during this festive season.

What you need to do:

  1. Draw or sketch the display for your windows
  2. Artificial snowflakes
  3. White paper
  4. Spray-on snow
  5. White batting
  6. White tree
  7. Packaged icicles
  8. String popcorn
  9. Small toys and memorabilia
  10. Poinsettias or other red flowers and greenery
  11. Window paint
  12. Different culture ornaments from around the world
  13. Traditional display of Santa Claus, his sleigh and reindeers.

Christmas Holiday Window Display


  1. Firstly, a Christmas window display must have a focal point or one central point or main feature that would attract the attention of on-lookers for example you could use Santa Claus as your focal point when creating window display.
  2. Do not cram your window display with unnecessary objects because you must always remember that your Christmas window display is not only meant for objects but also the usage of suitable lights and space. The usage of colored spotlight for instance is a simple touch that you can apply which produces a huge effect on the object being displayed and also sending the message through your window display.
  3. Always have a layout guideline by drawing or sketching on paper the design of your windows display that would help you avoid doing any mistakes when doing the actual task.
  4. One of the ways to create window display decoration is by creating a winter wonderland using snowflakes made of white paper. You can stick the snowflakes onto the inside of your windows and then use spray-on snow, which is easy to clean up and spray them at the bottom of the windows making it look like fallen snow. For a more authentic look, simply add white batting (which you can purchase at your local fabric store) on the floor beneath your windows for a more real look of fallen snow. Besides that, you can add white tree with packaged icicles decoration for a more snowy effect.
  5. Try to create your very own homemade holiday ornaments with your own personalized touch for your window display such as by using string popcorn instead ready-made garland bought from Christmas stores, attach ornament hooks to small toys and memorabilia instead of traditional ornaments, plus also filling up your windows with decorations of poinsettias or other red flowers and greenery in order to create a more festive atmosphere in your home.
  6. Another idea is to have an international display of ornaments found around the world or creating nativity scenes from different cultures and decorating it on your windows. Apart from that, you can use window paint and write ‘Merry Christmas’ in different languages on your windows.
  7. If you are a store owner, you can decorate your windows by using merchandise that you sell during the Christmas season. You can use empty boxes with different shapes and sizes wrapped with colorful wrapping paper. These boxes can be used as display tables for displaying your gift ideas. Apart from that, you can advertise your Christmas promotion specials using bright green or red color to attract your customers.
  8. Another decoration for window display is selecting a religious theme such as depicting the scene of the birth of Christ by using appropriate props enabling it to tell the story on its own.
  9. Create the normal traditional display like Claus, his sleigh, reindeer, Elves making toys and also displaying the spirit of gift giving on the windows. Besides that, you can add comical note to the window display by having a scene of Santa or a reindeer resting on a beach chair if you are living in warm climate that does not have snow or even creating a scene with dangling snowflakes that you can hang from the ceiling near your windows.

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