In-floor warming system

One of the more favoured type of flooring in a bathroom are stone, ceramic tile, concrete or any natural rock flooring that gives durability and less probability of damage through moisture. The down side to this choice is getting out from a nice warm shower and stepping onto cold floor. You can consider installing an in-floor warming system to counter this.

Materials for In-Floor Warming System

  • broom and dustpan
  • vacuum
  • safety goggles
  • gloves
  • 15 lb. standard roofing felt
  • kneepads
  • hammer stapler
  • hammer
  • ohm meter
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • floor warming system 



    1. There are floor warming system made of basically electric radiant heat – it has coils in a mesh that go underneath. Before you start you need to clean the floor. Sweep and vacuum floor until no dust or dirt is left, and be sure there are no protruding elements in the floor.
    2.  Lay down standard 15-pound roofing felt, which is standard roofing felt. Tack it down with a hammer stapler. 
    3. Test the electrical resistance of the heat coils with an Ohm meter to ensure it is working well. Test it at least four times during installation – before you start laying it down and three other times. Depending on manufacturer the mesh will have the numbers of the resistance test that was done at the factory noted on the package. Make sure your numbers are within ten percent of the numbers they sent you. Also test the ground to make sure there is no short in either of the two wires.
    4. Lay out the mats according to the plan, cutting the mesh at the end of the room for a return. DO NOT to cut or nick the wires.
    5.  Staple down the mesh, again avoiding the wires completely.
    6.  When all the mats are in place, secure the lead wires to the floor. Weave the temperature sensor through the mesh. 
    7.  The floor warming system needs to be inspected by an electrical inspector before you put down your flooring.
    8.  Once it’s been tested and approved, you can begin installing your flooring.