Installing a Bathroom Floor Heater

Install a Bathroom Floor Heater

If you are not a fan of stepping on the cold tiles in the morning then it is time to install a heated floor for the comfort of your feet. There are so many types of heating method available for any type of the floor of your house. Here are the steps on how to install a bathroom heater that is electronically controlled.

You will need:

  1. Radiant heat mesh
  2. screw driver
  3. thinset/ leveling cement
  4. scissors
  5. drill
  6. water or mold resistant caulk
  7. wire strippers
  8. trowel
  9. large bucket
  10. drywall saw
  11. caulk gun
  12. 4″ by 4″ electrical box
  13. cover with a hole in it


  1. First, make sure that all of the old flooring has been removed. There should be no glue or nails residuals on the floor. Stuff an old towel into the toilet hole to prevent any sewer gas from seeping in.
  2. Then, trim any existing door frames to fit the new flooring. You need to consider how much the mesh and the new tiles will raise the height of your floor if you are installing a heated mesh under the tiles. You might want to buy a new extension ring for your toilet to raise the drain. Replace or trim the baseboard and the door frames for a good fit.
  3. If you are installing tiles less than a quarter inch thick, use the additional trouble since it is better than having to fix cracked tiles later. Install a 1/4 “backer board on the prepared flooring with the special screws that is sold along with the boards. You need to be patient when cutting the board. Use a sharp blade and a straight edge to score the board and then bend it until it snaps off.
  4. Next, apply the mesh tape to the seams of the backer board joints and apply a thin layer of thin-set along them. Seal the edges of the backer board with caulk to prevent water leakage onto the sub-flooring. Roll the mesh out onto the floor and cut it at the appropriate lengths, avoid cutting the wires within the mesh. You can either use thin-set, glue or staples to hole down the mesh while working on the rest of the floor. Cut a small hole at the baseboard with a drywall saw for the mesh wires to go through and then cut a larger hole further up the wall near a stud. You will need to mount a 4″ by 4″ electrical box to connect the house power to the thermostat and mesh wires. Turn off the power before working with the electrical systems. Call a professional if you are not sure about installing it on your own.
  5. Connect the power to the thermostat and mesh wires according to the manufacturer\’s directions. Test the thermostat and mesh heating before continuing because it is not easy to go back once you have applied the rest of the floor. Apply a layer of thin-set over the top of the mesh wires. You can wait the previous layer of thin-set to dry or continue on with installing your flooring of choice.

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