Installing a cheap fence

Installing a cheap fence

There are many reasons to have a fence around your home\’s surroundings. If you live on isolated property, you may rather wish to have a gate that you can close. It is nice to have for security and for those times that you don\’t want to be bothered. Maintaining your property\’s privacy is the main reason on installing your own fence. Although this can be done by an expert but it can also be done by you. There are many types of fence that you can be interested in to install around your home or to be used as your gate\’s partner.

One of the very popular choices for a cheap fence is using chain link fences. Chain link fences can be easily purchased from your local hardware stores. Small green beer bottles work best for this project as they are of a suitable size and do not need to be colored afterwards. Another popular choice is the rusty iron fence that not only gives an antique look to your garden; it also provides space for your creeper plants to grow. Not forgetting the brick fences that can be considered the most secure fence as it is permanent and offers complete privacy. Not only that, they can also act as noise barriers if your house faces a busy road.

There are many other ways to provide a fence that secures your property without spending a fortune. You can still spend less money but at the same time build a strong fence for your area. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. Lumber or large rocks
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Nails
  4. Barbed wire
  5. Claw hammer


  1. First, to make fences that are basically made from large rocks, the simple way to achieve it is by overlapping the rocks over each other. Build them across your property line up to the desired height.
  2. If you are living in the farm area, barbed wire is the cheapest option. This fence will provide a good protection and keeps the cattle penned in.
  3. Proceed to drive the posts into the ground using a sledgehammer. Wear your thick glove and then string the barbed wire between each post. To keep it in place, wrap the wire around each post as well.
  4. Convince your neighbor to share the cost of a fence with you if you are living in a suburban area. Tell them the benefits of sharing that they will receive by fencing in the common border that you have.
  5. You could also take a visit to the old construction sites to search or request for old fencing which still can be used and sturdy.
  6. For more natural and cheap fence, you can opt to plan the trees as your fence. Choose canopies type of trees that come with your desired thickness. You can decide whether to put ferns or any other trees in between the trees. These plants will act as barriers to make prevent unwanted intruders on your property line. Trees can be also used as fence posts.

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