Installing a door shoe

Install a door shoe

A door never existed some time back. It’s only as time changed and people evolved, in terms of technology, that we can see real innovations happening in the world of interior design. A door shoe helps greatly when it comes to protecting doors. It can make the door have a better appearance altogether, not forgetting it can strengthen the bottom of the door. You might think that your door will live on as usual, no need for any door shoe, but that isn’t the case. Usually, doors tend to get spoil after some time. Depending on the quality of door that you have, mainly the wood type, doors have different life durability.

You don’t have to be worry when the bottom of your door rots because of the weather. You can solve the problem by installing a door shoe as it can strengthen the bottom of the door and create a better appearance to your door. In general, the shape of a door shoe is a U-shaped piece of metal that fits over the bottom of the door. Although if you are not being faced with the rot problem due to weather, installing a door shoe is a good choice as it can help to create a barrier to prevent energy loss to your house. Here are the steps on how to install it.

You will need:

  1. Door shoe
  2. Drill
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Hacksaw
  5. Screws


  1. First, remove the door from its hinges and put it on two sawhorses. Make a line with a straight-edge ruler or use a chalk to line across the bottom of the door to mark the line for the cutting. Cut the excess or the damaged wood from the door. Follow the line that you drew and use a circular saw to cut.
  2. Next, sand the bottom of the door using sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface. On the bottom edge that you just cut, paint a coat of sealer to protect the door from any future damages.
  3. Then, mark the door shoe\’s fit across the bottom of the door. Use a hacksaw to cut off any excess. Fit the door shoe on the door and mark the predrilled pilot holes.
  4. Take off the door shoe after the marking and then drill the pilot holes with a drill bit for the screws. Place the door shoe back again to its place and screw it to the door to secure its position.
  5. Finally, hang the door and check whether it fits. When you close and open the door, the weatherstripping should not stick thus informing you that the door shoe has been installed perfectly.

Initially, door shoes and door sweeps are meant to seal that particular gap of a door’s bottom. Door sweeps are easier than door shoes to be installed and attached. This is due to the fact that for door shoes, the door has to be removed first and then only the door shoe can be installed.
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