Installing Composite Bathroom Countertops

Composite Bathroom Countertops

There are different types of bathroom countertops and composite is one of them. If you prefer to install your composite bathroom countertop by yourself, it is not that hard to do so and it actually can be done with the right guidance and patient. You will not only save more money but will feel the satisfaction of having your bathroom countertops done by yourself. Here are the steps on how to install your composite bathroom countertops.

You will need:

  1. Concrete cement
  2. Hand roller
  3. Steam iron and cotton
  4. Wooden rods
  5. Laminate cutter
  6. Silicone sealant or caulk


  1. To prepare the old countertop, firstly sand and clean the surface to remove any old varnish or paint, just make sure it\’s well-cleaned. To make the adhesive stick better, rough up the old countertop as well.
  2. Then, take the measurement of the old countertop dimension. Check the straightness of the walls with a carpenter\’s square where the new countertop will meet.
  3. Scribe any bows or dips in the wall\’s edge onto a piece of composite. To make sure that the countertop and walls have a snug fit, trim along the scribe mark of the new composite.
  4. Next, place a line of masking tape over the new material. You should make a cut line on this tape to prevent chipping.
  5. Choose your cutting instrument with a fine-toothed blade. Mark a score along the cut line and snap the composite at the cut line if you are using utility knife.
  6. Then, cut from the bottom of the material with a power saw to prevent damage from occurring. Use a handsaw to cut the top side from the low angle and use pressure as you move into your cut.
  7. Leave at least an inch of material on all sides that overhang your base. Before applying the adhesive, make sure to mock the pieces up together to double check your fit.
  8. Now to install the composite countertop, make sure the water and electrical source into your bathroom is shut down to prevent any damage from occurring to you. Hot and cold lines as well as drainage pipes should be disconnected. Replace your sink and place it aside.
  9. Spread concrete cement onto the counter surface and the back of the composite sheet. Leave the surfaces to dry according to the time suggested by the instructions.
  10. Place the wooden rods down along the surface every 6 inches. Place the countertop on the rods correctly. The rods will guide you to the right position without getting the top stuck.
  1. Once it\’s aligned, press the countertop into its position. To prevent bubbles from forming, sweep from the center of the section to the outer parts.
  2. Use a router with a laminate cutter to trim the extra material from the edges. Use the circumference of your sink as reference when you are drilling the hole of your sink. Secure the seams with silicone sealant or caulk. Leave the countertop to dry off completely.

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