Installing Solar Roof Skins

Solar roof skins are roofs which are covered with enough solar panels to power the entire house. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they also help save money by drastically lowering your electricity bill, if not provide you with independence from conventional energy sources.

Solar roof skins convert sunlight captured by the panels into energy to power electrical appliances. They absorb sun light during the day, convert them into energy and store them until it is needed to power your appliances.

Solar roof skins can be installed onto almost any type of roof either with an upwards tilt or flushed with the roof. The best time to install solar roof skins is during the process of roofing your house. This is because installing solar roof skins onto roofs that are already fixed might cause leaks in the roof. However, it is unnecessary to re-roof your house just to install solar roof skins. Besides that, installing solar roof skins while roofing your house also makes finding your rafters much easier. This is important as the solar panels will need to be attached to the roof\’s rafters. Although solar roof skins can be attached to almost any type of roof, it is most suitable with the average, composition, shingles as tile roofs can be extremely slippery and too delicate to work with.

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