Installing your bathroom stall doors

There is always the time when you think that by calling the carpenter or handyman could save your house problem in no time. But you don\’t have to, because you can do it by yourself. The best thing about handling your own installation is that you can save more and expand your knowledge and skills on house matters. Bathroom stall door is one of the many problems that can be haunting us with its installation procedure. Fear not, when you learn the right methods and tools that you should use, it will be such an ease. Just remember to be careful and patient. Here is how you can install the bathroom stall door. You can use these methods with any commercial door you have. You could always ask the personnel in hardware section to help you on the things that you need.

Things that you need:

  • door assembly and hardware
  • 16 theft-resistance C/P #4 by 2 ½ inch SMS
  • 2 one eared 1 ¼ inch wall brackets
  • twelve plastics shields
  • 14 theft- resistant C/P #14 by 5/8 inch SMS (balance for fastening pilaster panel)
  • 2 one ear 1 inch wall brackets
  • 2 Alcove “L” bracket-Zamak
  • 2 headrail “F” brackets-aluminium

A commercial bathroom stall door hinge assembly is usually divided into separate upper and lower portions. These pie-assembled are inserted into the door at the factory.

  1. First, drill the top hole for top hinge at 13 ¼ inch from the top of pilaster using a ¼ drill bit. Then, drill the bottom hole for the top hinge 1 ½ inch below top hole. The measurement of top hole for the bottom hinge is 68 inches from the top of pilaster. Make a hole for bottom hinge 1 ½ inch from the top hole by drilling.
  2. Next by using two through bolts and barrel nuts, secure the upper hinge with bushing lip upward to pilaster. For the lower door pilaster, secure it by using two through bolts.
  3. After securing both upper and lower door pilaster, insert the nylon bushing into the bottom of the top hinge. To make the top hinge lines up with the cutout, set the door on bottom hinge and depress slightly. Then, align the pin hole on top of the door with a hole on top of the hinge and insert the hinge pin. To set tightly, tap the hinge pin lightly.
  4. After that, insert 3/8 inch by 1 inch cap bolt through bottom hinge and thread into door until it begins to grab the threads. Hold the door at your desired degree and then tap the bolt head gently. The door should hold at your desired degree. Tighten up the bolt by using a wrench.
  5. Align the tooth with the cutout in slide bolt; slowly insert the portion of latch or knob provided. Align the tooth on outside escutcheon plate with the large hole at bottom of inside knob/latch and then compress together. Then, install the door stop and keeper to accept the latch pin. Finally, install the coat hook.

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