Installing your home’s security camera

The purpose of installing a security camera is to monitor the activity outside of your house. Monitoring as in knowing who comes in and out, who does what and etcetera. A lot of people opt for this option as it helps to keep them safer. Some would prefer hiring someone to install the camera while some wouldn\’t mind getting down and dirty. Technically, you can save more budgets than hiring technician to help you out. The steps here are slightly different for a wireless home security camera. So the best is to follow the manufacturer\’s directions.

Things that you need:

  1. New securities camera
  2. drill


  1. First, you should decide where you want to place the camera position on your home. Drill the holes to mount in the bracket.
  2. Then, carefully drill a hole through the wall for the camera wire. Proceed by going ahead to attach the mounting bracket.
  3. When the mounting bracket is attached, attach the wires to the camera. Slowly, insert the security camera wire through the wall.
  4. Next, attach the camera to the mounting bracket. For proper attachment and view, position is the main key for that, make it face the proper area.
  5. Don\’t forget to attach the security camera wire to the monitor or receiver inside your house.
  6. Finally, test your home security camera to make sure it is working properly. You can run the test of your security camera by watching each angle of the security camera views.

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