Installing Your Solar Powered Pond Fountain

Long gone are the days of expensive, messy renovation of pond fountain on the lawn in with plants dying out. Now you can build your own pond fountain at an affordable price in the form of solar powered pond fountain. Bills aside, it\’s so simple, you can even get your family to help you out.

To get started, do some research and choose your desired fountain, e.g. the water height and spray pattern, within your means and lawn size. Then, go to the store and purchase the components. Buy the package with the required tools like a pump with fountain nozzle, solar cells, wires, skimmer and bio-filter to facilitate your installation

Here\’s what you ought to do to install you pond fountain:

Step 1.    Assemble the pump

Assemble your pond fountain by attaching the bio-filter and skimmer to the pump. The manual in the package will explained the amount of power needed to run the pump. What you need then is to pair with the appropriate number of solar cell panels.

Step 2.    Find the sunlight

Once you\’ve determined the total of cell panels, get them fixed in the face of the sunlight because it\’s the source of energy. Get the right measurement for the wires to be connected from the cells to the pump. To optimize the collection of sunlight, put the cells on a pole. Here, you\’ll need to do a bit of extra work by mixing wet concrete in a hole to provide a sturdy base for the pole. Allow the setup to dry for at least 24 hours before hanging the cells over.

You\’ll need a backup battery to store energy from the sunlight if you want the fountain to run at night as well. If you\’ve fixed a pole, attach the backup battery to the underside of the solar panels.

Step 3.    Stabilize the pump

Don\’t fill the pond with water until the pump is stable at the bottom. You can do this by placing medium sized rocks or stones as a staple to the basin.

Step 4.    Fill the pond with water

When the wiring between the cells and the pump are well installed, then it\’s time to fill the pond with water. Turn on your pump and enjoy the sprinkle.

Now you finally have your own solar-powered pond fountain that will surely look good. Your family and friends will definitely enjoy the view better now. Lastly, think about how much electricity has been saved.

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