Instructions for Motion Sensor Light Control Switches

Having a motion sensor light control switch in your house or factory is good because it will automatically turn on the light in the specific area whenever it senses any motion within its surrounding. In order to override the motion control on your light switch, you can simply do a physical turning on and off of its levers. Every time the switch senses a motion or there is movement within its surrounding, the lights will turn on and remain on for a specific period of time as determined by you through its setting. The device is also convenient to be installed in areas such as hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, restroom as well as your patio and backyard. Besides that, it is also a simple device for anyone to install and operate.

What you need to do:

  1. Phillips or slotted screwdriver
  2. Orange wire connectors
  3. Red wire connectors
  4. Single rocker switch wall plate

Motion Sensor Light Control Switches


  1. Firstly, you must ensure that the power on your switch box is turned off before you start to install the motion sensor switch.
  2. Then, you need to twist the orange wire connector onto the black house wire located inside the switch box, connecting it with a black wire on the motion switch. Another orange connector needs to be connected onto the remaining black house wire of your switch box and connecting it also to the remaining black wire also on the motion switch.
  3. Next, you have to also twist an orange wire connector to the two white house wires inside the switch box, connecting them together. As for the red wire connector, it must be twisted onto the bare copper wires inside the switch box connecting them to the green wire from the motion switch.
  4. Once done, the motion switch must be attached to the switch box at the top and the bottom of the switch using the mounting screws provided along with the switch box. Use your screwdriver to secure the mounting screws.
  5. After that, you need to slot your screwdriver under the control panel beneath the motion sensor that you will see on the light switch. Try to pry open the control panel covers off the light switch so that you will expose the motion sensor switch controls. Using a small screwdriver, you should be able to set the timer to your preferred length of time that you want the lights to remain on whenever the switch senses a motion.
  6. Besides that, you also need to set the light level control according to the light level sensitivity that you desire whether from the dim level up to the bright level. This is an option provided to users enabling them to choose the motion sensor light setting to use whether during the day, night or even just for the evening. Once done, you need to snap back the control panel covers onto the motion sensor light switch.
  7. Finally, you must cover the motion switch and the electrical box using single rocker switch wall plate before you turn on the breaker from your main panel to enable the supply of electricity onto the motion switch.

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