Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden with Fox Urine

Although gardening needs you to be hardworking, it is actually an enjoyable hobby. It is worthwhile as to think about the bountiful harvest and the blooming flowers resulted from your hard work. For those who enjoy the process of gardening and have a special love for this hobby must know how difficult and close planting a plant or tree must be. Gardeners take a long time before planting to analyze the soil, the temperature and the weather. Everything is done accordingly so that the plant will not suffer. There will be no gardener who would want their garden of strawberries munched by squirrels and begonias being romped by the cats. The problem might be solved by building a fence, but not until the pests find a way around through them. If you are thinking of using chemicals and nets, they could harm plants and animals. However, cats, dogs and rodents can be repelled away if you are using fox urine. At the same time, you will not be damaging your plants or animals that want to eat your plants. The secret lies to the animal’s instinct that fears the smell of their predator. You could purchase fox urine at hunting supply stores, which will simulate a predator in the area of your garden. We all love the surroundings to our home to look beautiful. Here are the steps on how to use it.

You will need:

  1. Old Clothing
  2. Heavy Gloves
  3. Powdered Fox Urine



  1. Firstly, place an old piece of clothing and heavy gloves before animal proofing your garden. Even to the humans, fox urine has a very strong smell.
  2. So if the urine gets onto your clothing, the chance for the scent to disappear fast is small and will take months to fade away. Before applying the fox urine, wear heavy gloves to protect your hands from the scent too.
  3. Then, walk slowly around the perimeter of your garden and shake gently the container. Hold it about 4 inches above the ground while shaking it.
  4. Create a line of powdered urine along the edges of your garden. Make sure to create the lines as even and neat as possible.
  5. Next, apply the fox urine during good weather so it has enough time to seep into the soil before rain and heavy wind.
  6. If there is such a bad weather, reapply the fox urine powder every three weeks during fair weather. You could also use small amount of fox urine for your potted plants. All you have to do is to sprinkle a teaspoon of powdered urine into the outdoor potted plants to deter the pests away.

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