Kitchen Ideas – 5 Clever Storage Tips

Kitchen remodellingRemove the clutter from your kitchen

Today most new builds utilize an open floor plan which encompasses kitchen, dining and living areas all into one large open space and this trend isn’t just limited to new builds either. More and more families are demolishing walls and creating a larger space where family and friends can sit together and interact with whoever is cooking in the kitchen. However, in order for this type of kitchen design to work, storage is of the utmost importance, since a de-cluttered well organized space is essential when it’s on full view to others. Here are five clever ideas to help you maximise your kitchen storage:

Put in a pantry

Pantry cabinets are one of the most useful forms of storage you can possibly have and can take full advantage of space by utilizing an area from the floor right up to the ceiling. The upper shelves can be used to store items that aren’t used frequently while you can play around with the other shelves putting in pull-out wicker baskets to hold smaller items, using a shelf to store linen, storing cookery books, and so much more besides. If you don’t have the space for a pantry in your kitchen then how about squeezing one into a narrow closet or wall space at the top of your basement stairs? The advantage of narrow shelves is that you can spot items more easily.

Seating storage solutions

Even seating such as a banquette can offer storage solutions in your kitchen. Pull out drawers built into the banquette beneath the padded seating, can be used to hold large serving platters and seasonal dishes to free up space in your cabinets.

Re-purpose an antique hutch

You might be thinking there’s no way an antique hutch will fit into your contemporary kitchen but with a spot of re-configuring you could make yourself a very useful wet bar. Hang the upper portion on the wall and use it to hold your glassware then you can install a small bar sink into the base cabinet which sits beneath. Paint the hutch to match or complement your cabinetry or tiles, and you have a bed spoke wet bar from which to serve drinks to your friends.

Sliding backsplash

When you’re cooking it’s all to easy to clutter up your workspaces with flavourings and other ingredients. One innovative way of storing these small items is to create tiled sliding panels on either side of the range which serve as useful backsplashes and when closed conceal things such as oils, spices and dried herbs.

Chalk board

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a storage idea, but it’s a novel way for you to leave messages for the family or keep a handy list for shopping. A chalk board replaces one of the panels in your kitchen cabinetry making a message board that is handily located close to breakfast foods.

De-cluttering is all about making the best use of all possible areas in your kitchen. Don’t forget the space from the top of the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and make use of drawer compartments which will keep your drawers well organized. A kitchen island can also double as a breakfast bar and include some useful storage too.


Author: Kenneth newel

Author’s Bio: She is an Interior decorator working in Ohio since last 10 years and loves writing on home improvement and design.

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