Koi Pond – Vortex filter chambers

Vortext chamber work just like a pre-fabricated chamber or fiberglass chamber, save for the difference in shape. The principle behind the shape of the chamber would have been discussed in an earlier chapter (see Vortex Chamber) and applied in the same manner to multiple vortex filter chamber like the one you see below.

Square filter bays then to hold dead water in the corners, so circular vortex chambers were then also used as filter chambers. Because of the movement of the water flow that goes around the walls of the chamber, it is said that debris and waste tend to move towards the drain located at the bottom of the chambers.

The image above shows 3 vortex chambers joined together and are similar to the fibreglass chambers we have already seen except for the shape.

On the left most chamber is of course Flocor, middle chamber holding JapMat, and the right most is the settlement chamber where the water from the pond enters.

These chambers are also free standing units which can be added to the system as desired, and can be obtained in different sizes to suit the size of the pond.