Lightings for your low ceilings

There are several alternatives that you can use in order to light up your house if you have low ceilings such as installing pendant lighting which is affordable, comes with variety of attractive design and it is also easy to install. Other than that, you can also use Sconces type of light that can shoots its light out to specific area thus creating a soft and cozy ambiance and it also comes with variety of designs and shapes. Using a lighter and brighter lights will provide the room to look larger and if you add an upward light or table lamps or floor lamps, it will also gives you larger appearance. Below are some of the steps on how to light up your environment if you are having low ceilings problem;

What you need:

  1. Pendant light
  2. Sconces light
  3. Upward light
  4. Table lamps or floor lamps
  5. Bendable rails


  1. One of the ways to light up your low ceilings area is to attach pendants light onto bendable rails and installs it either above your dining room tables or above your kitchen island. This is to enable the lights to be directed downward to the particular area. It is also nice to have a dimmer along with the pendant for adjusting the amount of light to be use. The bendable rails are considered as one unit rather than you create a number of holes in your ceiling to install the lights. Other ideas that you can do with this method is by grouping them together like a cascading effect or alone and install it over your sink or bathroom for creating attractive focal point for that particular area. You can choose a lot of different types of pendants that comes with different shapes and styles, thus giving you a variety of options in decorating your low ceiling room.
  2. Uplights are also suitable for low ceilings where it will shoot the light upwards and provide open space to your surrounding. The uplights comes with a lot of types giving you options to select your preferred choice and liking. For example if you choose an uplight ceiling fans that comes with a built-in light, you will be able to save on the cost and time of installing two different items. This type more suitable to be installed in your kitchens and also living rooms which sometimes tend to be hotter than other rooms inside your house. Other example is a small uplight chandeliers that you install onto your low ceilings will definitely add a dramatic feeling and also bold statement to the room. Floor lamps can also be use because it shoots its light upright so that your room looks like a larger space and it is also less expensive and affordable, plus it does not require any fixing or installation to your ceiling.
  3. Other alternatives is for you to use sconces for creating some effect to the room where it also shoots its light out and up along with a soft lighting environment. The Sconces comes with several decorative styles which is suitable for brightening up your hallway, staircase or foyers. It also provides low maintenance installation process and is easy for anyone to do it. Tall light sources can also be use to light up low ceiling room for example the Torchiere floor lamps because it can fool anyone\’s eye so that they feel that the ceilings are much taller.

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