Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There is a growing trend of living life the green way. We can see nowadays that many of politicians, designers, celebrities and others have become ambassadors of green. Their sole purpose is to promote style yet easy ways to live their lifestyle while protecting the earth at the same time. Now there is more “in “to be green when so many manufacturers and retailers start to offer various environmentally friendly product and services. You can live the eco-friendly lifestyle too, here are the steps:

  • Walk or use a bike. You can avoid transportation that uses air polluting fuel as frequent as possible. If you are thinking that selling your car might be a drastic step to take, you can try to carpool or simply use the mass transportation whenever possible. When going to the store, opt for walking as you can exercise as well. At the same time, you save more money and the environment too. It is also works the same when you are doing some of your home shopping online for a more earth friendly purpose.
  • When it\’s time to furnish your home, choose décor with going-green concept. You can check out manufacturers and retailers that use renewable resources when building furniture, flooring, mattresses and more. Green furniture is aesthetically and environmentally pleasing. They are also stylish, high end and only use materials such as reclaimed plastic and nontoxic dyes and stains. When coloring your house walls, you can also check out on some companies that produce low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. These can be your safer alternatives that still allow you to satisfy your decorating plan.
  • Adding green, energy saving appliances on the market to gear up your kitchen or laundry space. Check for appliances that are built to conserve water and energy.
  • It\’s also fashionable to be green. You can choose clothing and accessories that are made from earth-friendly substances. There are transformations in eco-friendly fashions, offering everything from hemp sandals to burlap tunics. There are many clothing labels that combine natural and recycled fibers such as silk and organic cotton. The best thing is that these are produced without using pesticides. Sunglasses and belts are among accessories that are being created by using low-impact materials such as sustainable woods and bamboo. Second hand shop, thrift store or specialty shop offering green shopper on vintage and antique clothing with many styles and good range of prices.

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