Looking after your window fans

Look after your window fans

Window fans help to keep the rooms they are at cool. They are mostly used in rooms to big to accommodate ceiling fans, or most likely they are used as exhaust fans, as in many ways they help in removing stale and warm air. Though window fans can’t be used to cool an entire house, they can still be economical for small rooms.

When choosing window fans, it is important to know the size of the window where the window fans will be placed. It’s always best to measure the fan first. There are many types of window fans around, but the cleaning process is the same. Some window fans come with more watts while some come with dual blades rather than single blades.

Window fans can accumulate dust and grease over time so it is important to clean them regularly to maintain efficiency and to make it sustain a lot longer. Most of us feel challenged when it comes to cleaning our window fans. It is not as hard as you thought it is. In fact, with the right appliances and steps, you can master the cleaning process in no time. Here are the steps on how to clean your window fans.

You will need:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Vacuum cleaner or duster
  3. Soft clean cloth
  4. Mild soap cleaner
  5. Water
  6. Paper towels


  1. First, you should unplug the fan before removing the fan grill. Avoid cleaning a fan that is still plugged into the electric outlet. Cleaning a fan that is still plugged is a huge risk of you getting electrocuted. Make sure to place the fan on a solid flat surface before you start to clean it.
  2. Then, use a screwdriver to unscrew the grill on your window fan if available. If the grill is held in place with a release button, all you can simply do is press the button and maneuver the grill until it comes out slowly. If there is any dust or debris on the grill, use a vacuum cleaner or a duster to clean them.
  3. Next, prepare a mild soap solution by mixing some water with a mild soap cleanser. Take a piece of soft clean cloth and immerse it into the solution water for awhile before taking it out and squeezing it to remove excess liquid. Make sure the soft cloth is damp, but not too wet.
  4. Clean the fan blades with the soft cloth while carefully not letting the water seep through the inner assembly of the window fans. Use paper towels to dry the blades thoroughly after the cleaning and leave it to dry for awhile before installing the grill back into its place to secure the window fans.

Now, proceed to switch your window fans back on. Be careful when performing this step, make sure that everything is connected properly and that there is no water hanging around the power connections.
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