Lubricating a Hunter Conventional Fan

Since 1886, Hunter has been a company that manufactures ceiling fans. As the Hunter Original conventional fan was developed at the beginning of the 20th century and it is still manufactured today. The fans are made from cast-iron, which weigh nearly 60 pounds, and is larger than any other ceiling’s fans. Oil-bath lubrication is needed for Hunter ceiling fan to works smoothly over time. The fan will need to be lubricated in its first installation and after moving the fan into a new location. Here are the steps on how to lubricate the Hunter fan.

Hunter Conventional Fan


  • Put a 90-degree bend in a pipe cleaner about ½ inches from the end. Curve the pipe cleaner slightly beneath the bend to allow the 90-degree bend on the pipe cleaner to reach the oil reservoir in the Hunter ceiling fan.
  • Insert the pipe cleaner into the opening between the top of the switch housing and below the fan motor. The switch housing contains the fan reverse switch and the ceiling fan pull chain. Remove the pipe cleaner and check it for oil. If there is no oil mark, it shows that you need to lubricate the fan.
  • Place the newspaper over the floor beneath the Hunter fan to protect the floor from any oil drips. Remove the tip of the 1 oz SAE 10, non-detergent oil tube using a utility knife or scissors.
  • Insert the tip of the oil tube into the oil reservoir located on top of the Hunter ceiling fan. Let the oil pour from the tube and into the reservoir for one minute. Recheck the oil level in the Hunter fan with the pipe cleaner. Add the oil until the pipe cleaner gets contact to the oil in the reservoir.

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