Maintaining a Clean and Nice-looking Bathroom

It\’s unsightly to see a dirty and smelly bathroom, especially when you have guests over. Now, I\’m here to teach you a few steps to maintain your bathroom and make sure you\’ll have a cleaner place to do your business. In order to keep one\’s toilet clean, you\’ll need some work and keeping it clean has to be a habit, not a chore.

  1. Be consistent

    If you\’re consistent you\’ll feel easier and more relaxed. One of the easiest ways that doesn\’t require much work is to open up your bathroom doors and windows at least once a fortnight. This will allow the air to circulate and let the smell slowly vanish away. Another good way to maintain your toilet\’s cleanliness is to try your best to constantly wash it, weekly. If your bathroom is used by many, be sure to wash it more often.

  2. Keep things where they\’re supposed to be!

    Whenever you brush your teeth or use the soap, be sure to put it back where to their original places. It\’s advisable to keep everything in a drawer, like your toothbrush, beauty products, and toothpaste. It looks much neater and clutter wouldn\’t impress your guests. If it\’s left in the open, it\’s more likely to accumulate germs and dusts, that\’s something we all want to avoid. Keeping your supplies organized will also make cleaning easier.

  3. Buy convenient shower curtains

    Shower curtains are quite annoying so if you want to make your life easier, try buying curtain showers that can be machine wash. Keep it clean and wash it at least every six months of the year.

  4. A house rule

    If you want to make your work easier, try keeping a house rule that makes sure everyone keeps the bathtub, shower glass, mirror clean. It\’s so easy to do, and it gives you a cleaner environment. Another tip, if you often keep your bathroom floor dry, you will have less cleaning to do!

Keeping your washroom clean is a must, if you don\’t, germs will slowly accumulate in your bathroom and you\’ll find that you\’re seeing the doctor more often now than ever. It\’s a simple job, and even without a helper, you\’ll do fine.

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