Maintaining your Solar Hot Water Panels

A solar hot water panels need to be maintained properly so that it can function according to its specification. Normally it is fixed in a certain area of your house and the only moving part is its pump. Nowadays, many of the solar panel parts are designed to be strong using unbreakable materials thus it requires minimal maintenance work, but the only breakable part is the glass covering which needs to be maintained carefully. In order to maintain your solar hot water panels, below are some of the tips and information that may help you in doing the task.

What you need:

  1. Ladder to get to the solar panel
  2. Warm water and dishwashing soap
  3. Clean soft cloths


  1. Do a periodic basis check on your solar panels especially to remove debris or dirt and also ensure that the panel connections are always tight. If you live in a dusty area, the panels may require more frequent inspection.
  2. Always clean the surface of your solar panel using warm water along with dishwashing soap so that you can remove all the dirt and grime. Bird droppings also need to be removed because it severely reduces the panel\’s energy producing capacity.
  3. Solar panel needs to be regularly cleaned because when it is cleaned, it will operate properly at its rated capacity and if it is dirty, its useful life will definitely be shorten. The surrounding frames of the solar panel also need to be clean as well. A well-maintain panel can be used for long period of up to 30 years.

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