Maintenance of Fire Alarms

Regular maintenance for fire alarms is important for optimum performance. Fire alarms must be installed correctly and frequently inspected; tested and maintained to make sure they operate properly. The maintenance process includes various mechanical checking and location aspects of the alarm system. Here is the process for the fire alarm maintenance.


  1. For the fire alarm, which is located in the building, the wiring located must be maintained and checked systematically for damaged cables or any loose connections connected to the alarm. The alarm system must fulfill the requirements for visibility and must not disturb with other protective building systems such as sprinklers, smoke alarms and security cameras.
  2. For the system requirements, fire alarms in general have auxiliary systems that connected to them, which functions to activate the sprinkler system, set off alarms in remote areas of the buildings and alert local fire departments. All of these components need testing schedule to test their performance.
  3. Fire alarm maintenance is needed to ensure the alarm is clearly audible at proper distances since the noise levels are frequently changed in neighborhoods and buildings. To make sure hearing impaired persons alert of the fire dangers, visual alarms must also be operational properly.

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