Making a beach tote out of unwanted towels

Too many towels lying around the house? How about turning one of them into a fully usable beach tote that you can carry the next time you hit the shores? For this project, use a towel with a fun design. Alternatively, you can use a plain-coloured towel which will provide you with a blank canvas to decorate as you like.

  1. Measure about 4 inches in from one of the lengths of your towel. Cut length-wise. Fold the long piece into two length-wise and cut so that you have two pieces. You now have the straps for your tote.
  2. Fold the edges of one of the pieces in before folding it into half width-wise and then sew both edges together. Do the same for the other piece.
  3. Now, for the body of the bag. Fold the big piece into half lengthwise so that you have a square-ish shape. The widths of the towel should be the top of your bag. Sew both sides about an inch in. Turn over the sack once you’re done so that the seams won’t be seen. Next, sew on each handle onto each side of the bag.
  4. You now have a fully usable beach bag.
  5. If you like, you can also sew on a zipper to keep your belongings from spilling out of the bag should you drop it.
  6. Besides that, you can also choose to decorate it anyway you want. Add in a front pocket with your name embroidered across it, or pin on button badges. Alternatively, you can also sew on lace to make a border around your bag. Other fun ideas include sticking on iron patches or even sewing on buttons of all sorts and sizes.
  7. Another great idea would be to cut out an extra piece of cloth measuring about a quarter of the bag and sew it on inside. Fashion a pocket out of that extra piece of cloth by sewing the bottom and the two sides while leaving the top open. Cut out another triangular piece for a flap. Sew the piece on so that it acts as a cover for the pocket. Sew buttons that can function on both sides of the pocket as well as the flap. You can now use this pocket to stuff in your beach tote when not in use. The stuffed beach bag can also act as a pillow for your head while you lie on the beach.

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