Making a Built-In Wine Rack

Make A Built-In Wine Rack

You have a big home and you love wine. What\’s the connection between these two? Well, you can add a built-in wine rack to your home. It\’s a nice addition whether you have a big or small home. If you have the space, you should have a small space then adding a built-in wine rack to that space will make very good use of that space.

If you want to add a sophisticated and classy look to your space, having a built-in wine rack is the easiest way to make good use of this space. Most of the wine racks from the local wine accessory sellers are pretty expensive and need to be installed again. Rather than buying the wine racks that can costs you a fortune, go to your local hardware store and make your own. It is not a difficult task at all if you have the right instructions and tools to work with. Getting someone\’s help in this project will be a definite plus. Here are the steps on how to make a built-in wine rack.

You will need:

  1. Wine
  2. Pre-stained wood
  3. Screws


  1. First, search a spot where you want to construct your wine rack. The best place is on top of a smaller cabinet next to a larger one. The rack can be parallel in height to the bigger cabinet to give it a balanced look. Make sure you really want a wine rack before you start putting holes into your wall if you decide to have a wine rack in your wall.
  2. Then, decide how much wine that you need to store in your rack. Twelve bottles are the largest amount that you should go with for the wine rack to hold. If you want larger storage for your wines, then create a larger space of wine rack.
  3. Next, find and measure the space of your wine rack. You only need a few square feet to make a rack that holds enough bottles, make sure the space is square and level. Provide 6 inches by 6 inches for each bottle of wine.
  4. Buy the materials for your wine rack from the hardware or home improvement store. A good wine rack could be built from using metal and wood material. Use pre-stained wood that matches the decoration in the room so that you don\’t have to stain the wood. Purchase some wood screws that match the color of the wood or get some wood filler to place over the installed screw.
  5. Use the wood to create the wine rack frame. Provide an equal distance for each rack of wine. If you might want to store alcohol bottles in your wine rack, add a few inches. Then, screw the other pieces parallel to the frame to make separate holders for each bottle of wine. Place the completed rack into the pre-picked location and carefully attach it.

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