Making a Fancy Pair of Torn Stockings

Torn Stockings

We all know how easy it is to get a run in your stockings (and how irritating it is since it means that you will have to throw the whole pair away). And because they are so thin, they tend to tear easily too. This is especially true with lace stockings. Here is an idea that will not only help you save your torn pair of stockings, but take it to an entirely different level altogether.

  1. Put on your stockings. If you do not wear your stockings while you work on them, or the thread you use to sew them on might not allow for stretch once you are done (in other words, you might create an even bigger tear). For this project, choose a pair of stockings with a tighter weave. Your embellishments may get caught in between the weave if you use a pair with big weaves. If you find it difficult to work on your stockings while wearing them (think aching, less flexible joints), have someone else of the same size or bigger wear them while you work on them (but be very careful not to poke them with the needle!).
  2. Before you begin sewing, you should remember not to sew anywhere below the ankle. If you do so, it might get caught in between the straps of your shoes, or even worse, cause unwanted bumps and bulges which will result in blistering feet. If you plan to wear these stockings with boots, you should take note of where your boots end and start embellishing from there onwards. Besides that you should also remember not to sew embellishments on the inner calf and inner thigh area because these parts tend to rub against each other when you walk, causing the embellishments to either fall off, get caught among each other, or even cause discomfort.
  3. With all that in mind, you are now ready to begin. Start from the bottom and work your way up. There is no particular pattern that you need to follow. Go really random to make things interesting. You can use sequins, labucci beads, Swarovski crystals, and even metallic kitting wool.
  4. For this project, you should keep to a monotonous theme. Black or white stockings will work great, but try to stay off coloured stockings. For black stockings, choose either gold or silver coloured embellishments; not both (black is fine too as it keeps to the monotony). White stockings are harder to work with as they risk being tacky. Your safest bet is to match it with gold coloured embellishments. Do not go wild with colours or you will end up with a horrible disaster.

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