Making a Home Gym


These days, it is compulsory for us to get in shape and that is the reason behind the ever increasing number of fitness centers in the urban area. For those of you who can afford to apply for a gym membership, it works to trim down on the extra body fat. For those who don’t fancy going to the gym or can’t afford an expensive gym membership, you can use a small empty space in your house to create your own home gym and exercise equipments. Creating a home gym is a perfect option and mush easier for some to do workouts in the privacy of your own homes. By having a home gym, you will not have to go to fitness centers using your car, or even go to a crowded gymnasium. You also don’t need to worry on what to wear when you workout at your house and on the plus side, you have your own private shower, which is better than sharing a shower with other people at the public gymnasium.


What you need to do:

  1. Area of space
  2. Power rack
  3. 7-feet barbell
  4. Cast iron weights
  5. Sturdy bench
  6. Chinning bar
  7. Dipping bars
  8. Calf block
  9. Pair of adjustable dumbbells
  10. Jump rope
  11. Exercise ball
  12. Exercise mat
  13. Step or slide
  14. Adjustable weight bench
  15. Exercise bike

Home Gym


  1. First of all, you need to determine the area where you want your mini gymnasium to be located and it would be more suitable if you have a small room separating the area from other spaces within your house. However, for those who have limited space or a small house, you can create the gym in a room that is not frequently used.
  2. Make sure you have enough space available in order to create your house gym and once you know the size of the area, you would be able to know what type of workout equipment is suitable for the area. You should measure the available space because the right measurement will help you look for the accurate products or exercise equipments.
  3. You should always inspect or check several different types of gym equipment especially for those of you who do not have any clue on what equipments to look for. Make sure to also look for equipments online or browse through fitness magazines so that you can have a rough idea on the equipments that interest you.
  4. The next step is for you to purchase your home gym equipment and the suitable furnishing from your local sports store and fitness retailers. Most of the times, this kind of store will recommend the equipments with the most options. Always see the equipments yourself or even try it out so that you can have a feel of it before purchasing it. To get best price for any equipment you can also look for it online, but remember to check its shipping cost before buying any of the products as it could be more expensive than the price of the product that you can purchase at your local store.
  5. If your room can accommodate certain furnishings, you can simply add small items such as a chair, towel rack or even a television for viewing while you do your workout. Make sure that the item blends in nicely with your gym equipments.
  6. One more thing to consider is to opt for either carpet or rubber flooring as either one will help reduce the noise factor and it will also keep your gym equipment from scuffing the floor.
  7. Once you have all the items that you need to create your own in-house gym, the next step to take is to set it all up, which by now you should already know where to place all of the items, inside your room or exercise area. Most of the exercise equipments need to be assembled; therefore it is recommended that you do it within the area so that it is easier for you to move the equipment around once you finish assembling them. After all the equipments have been set up, don’t forget to test them before using them.
  8. If you are using cardio equipment, such as a treadmill, always position it facing window so that you can have a pleasant view of your outdoor surrounding or it can face the TV if the area is limited.
  9. The color of your gym area is also important to have a more pleasant feeling when you are working out. For instance, golden yellow is suitable if the time of exercise is normally pre-dawn or after dark. A relaxing sage green color will bring in the outdoor feel, serene blue will definitely inspire a sandy beach surrounding while black and white create an urban feel to your room.
  10. As for creating your own dipping bars, you will need to use a length of 2″-by-3″ wood, two very strong bars and eight brackets. Then, you have to cut two lengths of wood so that it could fit between your power rack’s upright. Make sure to measure the diameter of your bars in order to hollow out the wood thus enabling the bars to sit flush and not be moving when you are dipping. The holes need to be made at least 22-inches apart before you start to fix the brackets on at both end of your pieces of wood and by doing this, it will attach your wood securely onto your power rack.

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