Making a Mini Beanbag out of Old Towels for your Pet

If you have old towels lying around, don’t throw them away! Your pets will be able to appreciate your hand-me-downs in other ways. Ever thought of turning your old towels into mini beanbags for your pet’s sleeping basket? Not only will these beanbags help keep your pets warm, they will also help them to sleep better as they will be able to pick up your scent from your old towels. This is an important trick especially if you have young puppies or kittens which are still not used to sleeping alone. Thicker towels are more suitable for this project as they will be able to help keep your pets warm at night.

  1. First, measure the size of your pet’s sleeping basket.
  2. Draw a rectangle three times the size of your previous measurements. It does not matter if your pet’s sleeping basket is oval or round in shape.
  3. Fold the rectangle into half and sew two of its ends inside out, leaving one end open for stuffing. Once you’ve sewn the sides, turn the sack right side out.
  4. Stuff bean bag stuffing which can be easily purchased at any departmental stores into the sack. Fill it till it is approximately two-thirds full.
  5. Fold the open edges in and hand stitch to seal the sack. You may want to double stitch all three ends for extra durability.
  6. You now have a mini bean bag that you can place into your pet’s sleeping basket to help keep it warm.
  7. Another option would be to make a double layer for the beanbag by either doubling the towel, or even making a washable and removable casing. This will make sure that your beanbag lasts longer, even if your pet starts scratching it.
  8. You can also make these mini beanbags for your children to toss around and jump on as they are fairly light weight. In some Asian countries, people sew smaller beanbags to be used as games. These beanbags are kicked, or even tossed and caught using their hands. One of these games are called batu seremban, although the game has evolved, with beanbags replacing stones as they are less dangerous and easier to catch.
  9. If you have pretty good sewing skills, you can also alternatively download beanbag patterns from the internet, although those need more sewing and are much more time consuming.

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