Making a nice homemade Cookie bag Christmas gift

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During Christmas celebrations or even any other related festive season, it is important for us to provide gifts for our loved ones and show them how much that we love them. In other words, with a wonderful gift especially a self made gift, the recipient will be delightful and feel that he or she is special to you thus making them more excited to receive their gift. Below is an example on how to prepare a Cookie bag gift that you can make as a special item during this festive season.

What you need:

  1. 1 piece of cute fabric
  2. A recipe for you favourite cookies
  3. The dry ingredients to this cookie recipe
  4. A plastic zip bag
  5. Rubber band
  6. Decorative ribbon
  7. A Christmas themed cookie cutter which is an optional item


  1. You can create the cookie bags according to your preference and creativity, plus you can also add your very own personal touches to the Cookie bag that shows your inner creativity in designing or decorating.
  2. You also need to decide on the cookie or other type of recipes (cakes, brownies or pasta) that you would like to use for the gift. Then, you need to print the recipe through your computer or just hand-write it in a recipe card that you can make using colourful card. The copy of the recipe will be attached to the cookie bag itself.
  3. Then, put some dried ingredients required for that particular recipe that you have chosen and place it carefully into a zip-top bag. After that, you can place your selected piece of fabric around the zip-top bag and gather it up from bottom to the top. Try to get a large piece of fabric and then trim the excess from the top.
  4. When you have wrapped it all around, tie the top first with a rubber band making sure it does not loosen up before decorating it with ribbon or coloured string of your choice. Then attached the recipe that you have print out or hand to the bag by making a hole-punch to it, string a ribbon through the hole and attach to the top of the bag.
  5. Apart from that, you can also add a cute Christmas shaped cookie cutter or jingle bells or cupcake tins and papers or cute measuring utensils (or other items according to the festive occasion) and tie it along on the bag as you secure the top.

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Now, your beautiful Cookie bag is ready to be given out to your beloved one. Your choice of recipes can even be for cakes, brownies or anything of your preferred choice. The purpose of attaching the recipe content is to enable the recipient to know what ingredients to use when trying to make your suggested recipe.

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