Making a Rustic Kitchen Table

Make a Rustic Kitchen Table

A kitchen table is desperately needed in the kitchen. If not, where else are we going to eat or where else would we be able to cut the veggies and legumes? There are many types of kitchen tables around. One of the most popular ones is the rustic kitchen table.

In order to make a rustic kitchen table, you can use either wooden furniture made of twigs or even distressed wood. Besides that, you can also use an old wooden door to create your rustic kitchen table because an old door has its own character which is different from distressed wood and the patina of an old wood is also deep and rich; the perfect material to create your own rustic kitchen table. You must also ensure that your existing cabinets are also in line with the rustic theme and style that you want to create.

What you need:

  1. Old door
  2. Sheet of glass (optional)
  3. Holloway\’s Lemon Oil
  4. Four wooden table legs
  5. Light grade sandpaper
  6. Screw driver
  7. Screws for attaching the legs
  8. Adhesive rubber stoppers


  1. Look for an old natural wood door that has not been painted or purchased from your local thrift store. As for its legs, you can use from an old table or even purchase from your local home improvement store together with cut glass that you will put on top of the table.
  2. Next, you must remove the door handle and other accessories on the old door before cleaning the wood using oil for example Holloway\’s Lemon Oil in order to bring back the old designed back to the old wood. Then, lightly sand the door or any of its rough surfaces to protect your love ones from splinters.
  3. Once finished, you also need to stain the four table legs (for new table legs) so that they will match the door\’s color or just clean them with oil if the table legs are old materials.
  4. Now, you need to attach the table legs using screws and a screw driver where you just need to insert the screws at an angle from the side of the table leg up through the bottom of the rustic table. It is recommended that the table legs are attached at the corners of the old door or even try placing the table legs at least a foot beneath the door. Try to indent the table legs so that it will be less noticeable and also able to create a rim around the perimeter of the rustic kitchen table.
  5. A sheet of glass can be placed on top of the rustic kitchen table for protection to the wood. You also need to add small adhesive rubber stoppers at each corner between the glass and the door for keeping the glass secured.

There you have it! By now, you must have successfully created your own rustic table.

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