Making an Accessory Rack out of an Old Photo Frame

Accessory Rack

Photo frames are the most common gifts for any festive season or occasion. One can easily end up with too many photo frames and not know what to do with them. Here is an idea on how you can turn a photo frame into a rack to hang your accessories. A big simple wooden frame would be perfect for this project.

  1. Start by taking the frame apart. All you need is the frame border. Save the back of the frame and the glass piece for other projects.
  2. If you wish, give the frame border a new coat of paint. Either paint it using a brush, or a spray paint can for a more even finish.
  3. Next, you will need a piece of mosquito netting. You can easily purchase this from any hardware or home improvement store. Measure the length and width of the frame border and cut out a piece of mosquito netting according to those measurements.
  4. Using a glue gun, put a string of glue all around the back of the frame border and press the mosquito netting onto it. I personally like to knock in a few nails, especially on all four corners to make sure that the netting is secure and will not fall off due to the weight of the accessories. Besides that, with nails on the corner, I have something to tie a piece of string to so that I can hang the entire frame up later on.
  5. Besides that, I also like to add in screw-in hooks onto the lower bracket. These hooks can be used to hang necklaces and bracelets, as well as hooped earrings. You can purchase these screw-in hooks from hardware or home improvement stores. These hooks can be easily screwed into wood and are usually used to make key holders.
  6. You can also choose to decorate and personalize the rest of the frame at this point.
  7. Once you are done, you can hang the frame up and start hanging your earrings, bracelets and necklace onto the frame. You should hang the frame slightly below eye level for easy access.
  8. A different version of this rack would be to join three or more of the same frames together using hinges. Place the hinges in a way that allows you to fold the frames in a zig-zag manner. That way, the rack will be able to stand on its own on top of your dresser without the need for additional support.

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