Making an apron out of used towels

Old unwanted towels can be used to make aprons that are suitable to keep your children’s clothes clean when they are playing with paint. This is because towels are more absorbent and thus, there is less chances for paint to seep through and get on to clothes.

  1. First, measure the intended length of the apron. This will depend on your child’s height as you would not want to make it too long that he or she might trip over it, or too short that it would defeat its purpose.
  2. Next, according to your previous measurements, draw the shape of an apron onto an old towel and cut it out. If you want to make sure that your apron is symmetrical, fold the towel into half before drawing the shape of half an apron. Pin down the towel before cutting it to avoid mistakes. Make sure to leave space for stitching.
  3. Once you have your cut-out, begin sewing the edges in to avoid them from unravelling. You may also add in a piece of plastic sheet at the back of the apron to ensure that paint will not get onto your child’s clothes.
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon that is long enough to go around your child’s waist. Snip it into two and sew it on both sides of the apron, approximately where your child’s waist should be. Snip another piece of almost the same length and make a hoop at the top of the apron so that it will be able to hang from your child’s neck. You may want to measure this on your child to ensure that it is of the correct length. Alternatively, you can also use the remaining scraps of towel to make these straps.
  5. If you intend for this apron to protect your child’s clothes while painting, you may also add in pockets for pencils and brushes. To do this, cut out another piece of towel or plastic sheet slightly smaller than the width of the apron bottom and sew a big pocket right below the waist by sewing the bottom and both sides of the additional piece onto the apron. The depth of the pocket is entirely up to you. For separate compartments, simply sew lines across both the pocket piece and the apron, with narrower compartments for colour pencils and brushes, and bigger compartment for other things.

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