Making Christmas angel from clothespin


Remember when we are still in the kindergarten, that clothespin dolls that our craft teacher teaches? The simplicity that we get from a wooden clothespin become turns them to extraordinary with our creativity and imagination. Revive our childhood memory with this simple and easy idea by making Christmas angel with clothespin. What is the best way to recall the memory? Ask your children to do this project together. Let them do the painting for the angels face and wings. Here is how to make the clothespin Christmas angel:

You need:

  • Clothespin
  • Feathers
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Wooden hearts (2 for each angel)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Glitters
  • Embroidery yarn
  • Chenille stems / pipe cleaners

How to make:
First, to make the angel’s skirt, cut a bit of feather and glue it over the split end of the clothespin. Next, wrap a piece of ribbon around the clothespin above the feather to make the angel’s shirt. The ribbon will also help to hide the end of the feather. Make sure you leave some space on the clothespin for the face. You can use another color of small ribbon to wrap around the clothespin as the angel’s sash.

Make the angel’s face by using some paint and a fine paint brush. If you like, it’s easier to use color markers. To make the angel’s hair, cut a bit of embroidery thread and floss it a bit to make it more hair texture looks. Glue it on top of the clothespin.

Next, paint the 2 wooden hearts with white acrylic paint to make the angel’s wings. Dust with glitters while the paint is still wet. Another way is by leaving the paint completely dry, then spread evenly some craft glue and dusts the glitters.

To make the angel’s halo, form 3 inches long of chenille stem or pipe cleaners one end into a circle shape. Secure the straight end to the back of the angel.

Then, cut a length of ribbon according to your choice for hanging. Fold the ribbon in half and glue both ends onto the back of the angel. Finally, attach the wings by gluing the two hearts together and glue them to the back of the angel. Place the wings on the end of glued ribbon.

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