Making Garden Shed Corner Shelves

Make Garden Shed Corner Shelves

Garden shed corners shelves\’ help to utilize the spaces of your garden sheds. These shed corner shelves are used as storage for smaller gardening items such as fertilizers, containers and nutrients. Here are the steps on how you can make corner shelves for your garden shed walls or even anywhere else in your main house.

You will need:

  1. Scrounged and recycled plywood
  2. Long brass screws
  3. Level
  4. Pencil
  5. Power saw and power drill
  6. Paint and brushes
  7. 1 x 2S recycled wood
  8. Wood glue
  9. Sandpaper
  10. Wood filler
  11. Measuring tape
  12. 12″ metal triangular square
  13. Screwdriver bits


  1. First, determine how much plywood that you will need for this project. Draw a quick sketch and size shelves before searching for recycled plywood from a scrap file, making sure that the pieces are large enough for triangular shape. Use 12″ triangular square as a guide if you are making 12″ shelves by marking an outline on a piece of paper to take it with you as rough template. You can purchase a “roofers triangle” metal square in any hardware or home stores.
  2. Then, measure the plywood shelves. Mark on surface the triangular shape size on clean plywood. Use the roofer\’s triangle to make a larger shelf design if you are using the 12″ dimension. The square is used to make straight lines and measure off the exact dimension on each side of the right angle triangle. Connect the diagonal line for the shape.
  3. Next, cut the corner shelves using a grounded power saw. Place the plywood on a flat surface and make sure it is secure and level before cutting it with a power saw or a table saw. Wear your protective eye gear when cutting all the shelves at same time. After cutting, sand the edges and fill them with wood filler before sanding.
  4. Measure and cut wood cleats. 45 degrees angle cuts are necessary for each of the cleat to fit together and on the walls. Then, mount the shelves at the desired heights. Use one cleat per shelf with corners cut at miter. Place the studs and use long brass screws to drill and attach the cleats to walls. Glue the shelves to wood cleats using wood glue. Use a level to mark the line for the shelves on the wall.
  5. For the shelf support cleats, use clean recycled wood. Make shelf cleats with a 45-degree angle cuts to allow the cleats to fit to the wall and each other at corner. Cut them with a miter. Then, leave the shelves unfinished or add edge trim and finish as desired. These corner shelves fit about anywhere and make a great storage shelves in large sizes.

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