Making Lamp Shades out of Unwanted Household Items

Unwanted Household Items

Here is how you can reuse your unwanted plastic cups and trash baskets to make really unique lamp shades.

  1. Obviously, the idea of having a used trash basket at eye level is not very appealing so make sure you clean it out thoroughly. You may have to scrub it with dishwashing detergent to get rid of accumulated dirt. Once you have cleaned it, remember to leave it out to dry before you start work on them.
  2. At this point, you may also choose to decorate your trash basket or plastic cups to make more appealing lampshades. Before you start painting, always remember to turn your trash basket or plastic cup upside down because that is how they will be once you are done with this project.
  3. To paint on plastic surface, you will need acrylic paint. Mix the paint with a bit of dishwashing detergent to help it adhere better to the plastic surface. Of course, matte surfaces will be easier to paint on as compared to glossy surfaces.
  4. Another alternative would be to stencil patterns onto the surface of your plastic trash basket or cups. Cut out desired patterns of a piece of plastic sheet. Tape the plastic sheet down onto the trash basket or cup. Dab a sponge into the paint and scrape of the excess. Dab the sponge onto the template. If it starts to drip, dab a clean sponge over the drip.
  5. Once you have your plastic trash basket or cup decorated, leave it to dry before starting on the next process.
  6. Using a permanent marker, mark the centre of the base. You may not need to do this as most plastic products already have an indentation where their centre should be.
  7. Using a power drill, drill a hole that is big enough for wires to go through right in the centre of the base.
  8. You can purchase the necessary wiring, plugs, bulb and bulb socket from local hardware or home improvement stores. Thread the entire wire through the hole that you have drilled.
  9. Connect the wires to the bulb socket. Connect the other end of the wire to a plug. Once you have all this done, screw the light bulb into the socket. Plug it into a wall socket and turn it on to see that it works.
  10. Once you are sure that you have all the wiring correct, hang your new lamp up onto your porch. For more than one lamp, you may need to consult a handyman for advice on wiring.

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