Making Maple Leaf embellished boxes

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Want something to fill your favourite delicacies with? Fill your cookies, sweets and candies or pumpkin pies inside this beautiful embellished boxes craft. The craft is easy and simple to make and the result will impress your family and friends. You can place these embellish boxes on the coffee table filled with your cookies and sweets to offer for your guests for thanksgiving. Most of the materials you can find easily in any craft store. These embellished boxes will also make a great box as presents. Follow the instructions below to learn on how to prepare and make this thing happen.

Materials and tools you need:

  1. plain or colored box
  2. wax tissue paper
  3. scissors
  4. maple leaf cutter/template
  5. colored paper or card stock
  6. glue stick

How to make:

  1. Cut the wax tissue paper or colored glassine according to the shape of your box\’s base. You can use any paper you want to line the base of your boxes. If you decide to put food items such as cookies inside the boxes, line the base with non toxic paper for safety and to protect these particular items.
  2. Then, make traces of maple leaf motives on the colored paper or card stock using pencil. You can use template or draw freehand. Choose fall hues for the cardstock and paper to echo the thanksgivings theme. Cut out carefully using scissors or fine tip scissors for more complicated maple leaf motives.
  3. Next, spread some glue on the surface of maple cutouts with some glue stick. Stick the glued maple paper cutouts on the box lid. Let the glue dry out completely. You can stick as many maple cutouts as you want depending on your creativity. When you finish decorating the lid, you can decorate the outer box surface as well. Dry the glued maple embellishments before using it.

You can add decoration such as tie or stick gold or fall hues ribbons around the box. For more glamour look, you can sprinkle some glitters on the maple embellishments.

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