Making pinecone turkey as a Thanksgiving decoration

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Planning to invite your relatives or friends for Thanksgivings dinner? Worst of all, you don’t have any idea on what to decorate the table for the guest place? Try this pinecone turkey as the companion for your guest place card. It will be such a marvelous welcome decoration addition to your table. The guest will love it and you can make this as for the guests’ Thanksgivings mementos to take home. If you cannot collect your own dried pinecone then you can find either colored or plain dried pinecones in any craft stores. This craft is easy to make and inexpensive. You can find most of things on the materials list in any craft stores.  So here’s how to make the pinecones turkey decoration:

Materials that you need:
Dried pinecones, brown pipe cleaners or chenille stem, feathers, craft glue.

Making it:
First, cut several pipe cleaners or chenille stem with each measuring at about 2 to 3 inches to make the head and neck of the turkey. The amount of the pipe cleaners and the pinecones depends on how much you want to make the guest place cards.

Then, bend the brown pipe cleaners to make the head and the beak of turkey and attach it to the top of a pinecone using craft glue.

Next, glue 3 to 5 feathers (depending on how big the size is) using craft glue or hot glue gun on the base of the pinecone to make the turkey’s tail. Let the pinecone turkey set to dry off completely. Repeat the same steps with other pinecones until you get yourself a group of turkey pinecones for your guests.

When the pinecone turkey is dried, place each one of them with a place card on the dinner table. If you want your pinecone tree to look more beautiful, you can spray metallic color such as golden color to give extra shine and luxurious look to your decoration. It works perfectly as gift for the guest to take home too.

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