Making place cards and napkin rings

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The perfect hostess will always ensure her guests’ seating arrangement is being thoroughly considered with the right combination of personality seated next to each other to ensure a successful and enjoyable meal for this Thanksgiving. It is always helpful to the guests when the hostess has gone through the trouble to save a spot for each of her guests with beautiful place cards.

Celebrate this Thanksgiving by hosting a delicious meal of succulent roasted turkey, pumpkin torte and apple-cranberry Streusel pie complemented by your autumn colored table wares; complete with napkin rings and the beautiful place cards. You can save some money by making the napkin rings and place cards yourself. The pleasure in your guests’ eyes surely will make it all worthwhile.

The how to:
Create beautiful place cards

  1. Fold a piece of card stock in the color of your choice and create a border by attaching a sticker frame to it. You can get the sticker at any crafts store nearby.
  2. To add a personal touch to the place card, write out your guest’s name instead of printing it.
  3. You can add any autumn motif sticker to your place card to complement your theme.

Create napkin rings people would want to bring back home

  1. Cut out square shapes from beige polymer clay and bake them.
  2. You can find the recommended setting i.e. temperature and time; for the baking at the back of the box it came in.
  3. Buy a few stickers and brush decoupage medium to its back to attach it to the squares.
  4. Glue on rivets to the stickers’ corners and seal the squares with acrylic glaze.
  5. Finish it off by attaching a fancy elastic hair band to its back.

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