Making Sock Puppets out of Odd Socks

Sock Puppets

Socks are one of those things which come in pairs, and if one side goes missing, the other side becomes totally useless. Ever found and odd sock in your sock drawer and didn\’t know what to do with it? If you have left it there long enough to realise that the other side is never going to show up, it is time to turn it into something else. Here is how you can use those odd socks to make sock puppets.

  1. You will need felt pieces in different colours for this project.
  2. Depending on the colour of your sock, decide on the sock puppet you want to make. If it is green, you may make a frog sock puppet. For the sake of this example, we will be making a rabbit sock puppet out of a white sock.
  3. Trace half of a quarter on to a red piece of felt. Cut out the semi circle and leave it aside.
  4. Next, cut out two more semi circles out of a pale pink piece of felt, measuring approximately twice the size of the first semi circle. You now have all the pieces for the mouth.
  5. For the eyes, cut out two circles the size of a penny out of a white piece of felt. Cut out another two smaller circles out of a black piece of felt.
  6. After that, cut out two leave shapes out of the white piece of felt, and two smaller similar leave shapes out of the pale pink piece of felt.
  7. You are now ready to sew the puppet together. Start with the mouth. The mouth of the puppet should be at the end where your toes should go. Start by sewing one of the pale pink semi circles with the straight edge right at the end of the sock. Sew the other semi circle onto the other side of the sock also with the straight edge right at the end of the sock, so that one semi circle is on the sole and the other one is on top of the foot. This is the inside of the rabbit\’s mouth. Next, sew the red piece of semi circle on to the pink piece that is sewn onto the top of the foot for a tongue.
  8. Sew the leave-shaped pale pink piece onto the leave-shaped white pink piece and sew both pieces onto the heel of the sock. Repeat for the other ear.
  9. Use black pipe cleaners and fold them into half before sewing them onto the puppet near its mouth for whiskers. You now have a rabbit sock puppet.

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