Making Space in Your Bathroom

Half the time your bathroom is small and has limited space for the barrage of items you have. You can only just install that many cabinets and space savers. But before you go running to get more cabinets there are a few ideas you can use to maximize the amount of storage area you can have in your bathroom.

Select storage units that have triple storage uses. 

Go to the ceiling for maximum storage potential with a mix of shelves behind doors, drawers, and open display space. Look at the space between your top wall cabinet, and see if you can fit shelves with vertical storage space (this will even help give the look of a larger bathroom because the vertical pattern will draw the eyes upwards).

Use open shelves instead of cabinetry with doors. 

Containers that match the décor can sit on the shelves, holding items that need to be within reach yet out of sight. For less used items, use the space near the ceiling. 

Rolled towels.  

Instead of trying to stuff all your towels in drawers, roll them up, secure with a ribbon and slot them into open shelves. Not only will you save having to struggle with opening and closing your drawers, the rolled up towels gives a certain chic to the over look to your bathroom.

‘Zone’ Your Bathroom

Label containers and bins will help cut down on overbuying (and storage dilemmas) as everything will have its own place. It also reduces clutter, which in itself can cause a distress look of cramp space. 

Shower Curtains with Pockets

Hang a shower curtain that has pockets for storage, especially for soaps, sponges, and extra razors. A second shower curtain hung on a dual curtain rod can be used to hide the shower curtain with pockets. 

Towel Racks/handles

Notice how you’d hang your towel on handles on your kitchen cabinetry? How about doing the same for your bathroom? Installing brass handles on your drawers that act as both a handle and a towel hanger will save your space. You can also consider purchasing a towel rack that fits over your door. Some of these are even designed to fit over shower doors. 

Behind the Door

Hooks, racks, and towel bars can be mounted on the bathroom door to save precious wall space. Or place smaller versions of these helpers inside cabinet doors or in a vanity.

Shaker Pegs 

Adding a row of Shaker pegs onto the wall will make sure everyone in the house has a space for their towel, but take up less space than most towel bars. Moreover, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Looking low for storage space

A console unit is a great look to take the place of a traditional vanity, yet storage space can be lost. Look for console styles with handy shelves, towel bars, or other storage features.

Notice the space under your pedestal sink that seems kinda empty? Or figure that you could just about fit a few items underneath your sink around the drainpiepe? Purchase adjustable shelves that are designed to fit inside the cabinets. Most of them are adjustable. 

Mesh bags

Mesh bags can be used to store those little rubber duckies for your tiny tots to dry before you hang them away for storage inside your cabinet. You can even hang these up against the wall with a suction cup and drop your shampoo or conditioners in them to free up shelf space around the shower area or countertop.