Making your decoration banners for New Year’s

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Instead of throwing out your holiday paper wrap leftover into the bin, recycle them into marvelous and pretty banners for the New Year\’s celebration. It will be such a great addition to your house decoration for the New Year party. You can use any of your holiday wrappers leftover according to your creativity. This decoration banner is a perfect example of the Times Square ball with any wrappers that has shimmers and metallic effect. You can hang them in the entryways, windows or on the ceiling. Here is how you can make your own decorated banners for the New Year party so let\’s get started on the preparations.

Materials and tools you need:

  • wrapping paper (leftover)
  • card stock
  • circle cutter
  • hole punch
  • adhesive spray or craft glue
  • pencil
  • jump rings
  • scissors

The Process:

First, spray both sides of several pieces card stock with adhesive spray or spread evenly with some craft glue. Then, wrap the card stock on both sides with wrapping paper leftover of your choice.

Next, trace circles using circle cutter on the wrapped card stock with a pencil. You can use any size of circle cutter from biggest size to the smallest. If you don\’t have any circle cutter, you can borrow your children\’s protector and create your circles with it. Or, you can buy the protector in any stationery stores .Or you can use bottle lids to create the circle traces. After you have completed the drawing process, you can cut out the circles using scissors.

Then, make a parallel hole on top and the bottom of each circles by using a hole punch. Avoid punching the hole on the bottom of the smallest circles; just make it easier by punching a hole on top it.

To connect the circles, you can use jump rings by placing the largest circle on top and gradually connecting from bigger circles to the smallest circle. Alternative for the jump rings, you can also use thread and tie to connect each hole. You can even make your own jump rings by using floral wire or chenille stem. You can use fine tip pliers when connecting the circles hole using floral wire and chenille stem. Repeat the same process to make more banners.

Finally, you can hang each of this circle banners by using thumbtack or monofilament to the wall, windows or ceiling. You can also create your own style of arrangements of the circles position, be ready to go at all lengths for this. Even after the New Year\’s party, you can still use the banners as your kitchen door blinders or for the windows in your children\’s room.

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