Wrapping and decorating Champagne bottle as presents

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Holiday season is packed with many occasions that always center Champagne as the drink of celebration. What\’s more, bottles of Champagne are given as presents to your family members and friends who invite you to their house for dinner or a get-together occasion. Instead of presenting your Chardonnay or Merlot champagne bare and plain, surprise them by wrapping and decorating these champagnes. It will be more exciting and ravishing when you hand them this vivaciously present. The method is simple, easy and you can master it quickly. Here\’s how to make your wrapping and decoration for your Champagne present:

Things you need:

  • champagne of your choice
  • 5 sheets of gift wrapper
  • clear tape, ribbon
  • scissors, card
  • floral cord

How to make:

First, spread 5 sheets of gift wrappers of your choice on the table. Place your choice of champagne bottle on the gift wrapper letting the cork distance and the edge of the gift wrapper about 4 to 5 inches. Before rolling up the champagne bottle with the gift wrapper, secure it with a clear tape on the center of the bottle. Then, start to roll up the bottle with the gift wrapper until the edge of the paper. Secure any free edge of the wrapper by taping it down with clear tape.

Next, trim the wrapper to 2 inches using sharp scissors by 2 inches from the bottom of the bottle. To wrap the bottom of your champagne bottle, first cut several notches on the wrapper, then fold it flat and tape it down neatly again with a clear tape.

To make the decoration, wrap around the bottle\’s neck with floral wire. You can find floral wire in any craft store precut for you in many sizes and length. Choose thin floral wire and cut the length to your own preferences. You can also substitute it with thin cord so that you can find in craft or hardware store.

When you finish tying the wire on the bottle\’s neck, make strips of paper by cutting the extra wrapper above the tied bottle\’s neck. Cut them into neatly and equal strips so the pom-pom that will be form looks beautiful. Arrange and form the strips into a pom-pom shape. The pom-pom shape and the size depend on how much wrappers you are using. The more amounts of gift wrappers you use, the bigger your pom-pom shape and size will look like.

Finally, decorate your wrapped champagne by adding ribbons and attached with a greetings card.

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