Making your own Christmas Ball decoration

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Instead of buying your Christmas ball ornaments, why not try this simple and easy to make glittering Christmas ball.  You can add your own touch to it, according to your creativity and imagination. This is a great family-project in the holiday’s season, so each family member contributes to the house decoration.  Below is how you can make your own Christmas ball decoration. You can hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments or any side of your home place. It will also look great on Christmas garland and wreath as addition.

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What you need:

  • Balloon
  • Cotton string
  • White craft glue
  • Silver glitter (or any color of your choice)
  • Dowel
  • Clothespin
  • Needle
  • Metallic thread

How to make

  • Blow up the balloon, ask your children to do it with you. Blow until the balloon size is smaller than an adult fist. If you want to make bigger or smaller Christmas ball then blow up bigger or smaller than recommended. When you finish blowing up the balloon in the size you want, tie the end of the balloon with the end of cotton string.
  • Put some water to the craft glue to make it easy to spread on the bottom of the balloon to attach down the string. Next, you can begin wrapping the cotton string vertically around the balloon. When the balloon is ¾ wrapped vertically, you can start o change the way of wrapping the balloon with the string horizontally. Wrap the string around the tied-of end of the balloon to change the wrapping direction. You can continue wrapping until the balloon is ¾ wrapped horizontally.
  • To finish the wrapping, cut the string and dab glue on it to secure. Brush all over the string-covered balloon by using glue that has been diluted with some water. Secure the top of balloon with clothespin. Place the string covered balloon onto a dowel that you suspend between two points or according to the balloon size. Let it completely dry for several hours.
  • When the glue is completely dry, you can pop the balloon by using needle or any small sharp pointed tool. If you can’t remove the balloon inside with your hands, then try using tweezers instead.
  • To decorate, brush the cotton string balls with glue again. Sprinkle on some colorful glitters of your choice. You can sprinkle silver glitters to resemble snowy Christmas balls. You can sprinkle the glitters onto the string balls over a bowl to prevent mess. Let the ball to dry after you finish decorating it with glitters.
  • Finally, when your Christmas balls are completely dried, add a loop of metallic thread to hang.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

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