Measuring chlorine for hot tubs

Hot tubs, also known as spas in today’s age are very common. This might be as many refer to a the hot tub as the ideal way to relax. You need the correct amount of chlorine to keep the spa water properly sanitized. It is crucial to test the water frequently or in regular basis to make sure the water is safe and the chemical is in good balance. The best way to test the water is by using a water test kit that contains liquid reagents as test strips are not as accurate as the reagent kit. There are several types of chlorine that are used to clean the water in spas, and the amount of chemical added to the water will vary according of the type of chlorine used. Here are the steps on how to measure the chlorine content for your hot tub.

Things that you will need:

  1. Water Test Kit

Hot Tubs


  1. First, use a water test kit to test the water in spa for the chlorine level. It is best to test several times for at least two times to ensure that the reading result is consistent. Follow the directions on the test kit for testing chlorine as some might come in vary brands and directions. It is important to rest the chlorine level first so that we know what to do next, all depending on the chlorine level.
  2. The chlorine level for spa should be tested two or three times parts per million. The suitable chlorine level for your spa should not reach higher than 10 parts per million or lower than one part per million. If the level is too low, add chlorine to the water. This step is better to work out the best deal for your spa. It is better to stay in the required level as it will be the best and proper way for your spa.
  3. Bear in mind that there are many types of chlorine that are been used in spas and you will need different amounts to add depending on what type of chlorine is being used. Then only you can decide on the best one for your spa, best ones or only one. It all depends on what is more suitable for your spa.
  4. Follow the directions on the type of chlorine you are using for the capacity of your spa. The other important thing is to know how much you will need to raise the level of chlorine.
  5. If the level of chlorine is too high, do not add more chlorine for a few days. Perform daily tests to the water until the level of chlorine is within the optimum range of two to three parts per million.

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