Natural House Spider Prevention

Many people hate spiders and would not want these crawly creatures to inhabit their houses. Although there are pests controller and chemical products that can be used to prevent spiders from living in your house, there are safer and cheaper ways such as using a more natural prevention. By using a natural prevention, you will not only clear the spider infestation in your house, but also create a safe environment for your family. Here are some of the natural ways to prevent spiders from getting into your house.

Things that you need:

  • Herbal Spider Repellents
  • Spider Repellent
  • Plant Repellents
  • Cedar Wood
  • Food Repellents
  • Osage Orange Trees



  • You can use herbal spider repellents such as pennyroyal herb, which is common to use as a spider repellent. This herb is effective and should be placed in areas where the spider infestation happens.
  • The herb will make the insects go away and find a new residence far from the place where the pennyroyal herbs were placed.
  • There are other plant repellents that you can use such as the cedar wood. This type of wood will create an unattractive odor to the spiders.
  • Place the cedar chips in the areas affected by the spiders and these woods will clear away these eight-legged creatures. You can purchase these cedar chips in any home improvement or pests control stores.
  • If you want to use natural food repellents, find Osage orange trees that produce fruits called hedge apples.
  • These hedge apples can be an effective spider repellent when placed in spider infested areas in your home.

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